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Level 1: Proofreading
Correcting obvious typos, looking through basic grammar, making sure the project is ready for publication.

This is for you if you've edited your project as much as you could and are ready to publish, but you need a second pair of eyes to make sure it's absolutely perfect. Ideal for self-published authors who don't want to pay a fortune, but want their e-book to have a fighting chance.

$0.012 per word ($3 per 250-word page)
Special offer: middle grade novels up to 40,000 words: $70. Click here for more details.

Level 2: Basic Copyediting
Extensive proofreading and some editing, such as making suggestions to vary sentence structures, eliminate repeated words, and improve the flow.

This is for you if you're looking for a little more than just basic proofreading. You want your project to really stand out, even though it's pretty clean already. You're open to suggestions, but you don't want to make any major changes in your work, just iron out the rough corners.

$0.02 per word ($5 per 250-word page)

Level 3: Heavy Copyediting
This may include re-writing some parts, restructuring paragraphs, adding or removing sentences or entire sections, making the project shine and ready for publication, even if the rough draft was very... rough.

Need a little more than just basic editing? You have a great idea for a book, but you're not so good in grammar? This is for you! We will offer suggestions and solutions to turn your rough stone into a shiny diamond. The essence will be the same, but the result will be more pleasing to the eye.

$0.04 per word ($10 per 250-word page)

Developing a project that already exists but needs a little more substance, or creating it from scratch based on a main idea. This may also include writing regular blog posts, providing articles for a newsletter, or ghostwriting.

This is for you if your mind is bubbling with ideas, but you need someone to put it on paper for you. We will work with you to come up with great material based on a general idea, including a list of references from reliable sources.

Ask for a quote for projects that require research or writing.

Your project doesn't quite fit any of the above categories? Ask us for a quote!

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